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13 Advanced Link Building Techniques

By on Jul 20, 2016 in Link Building |

12 advanced techniques to acquire links
Acquiring links is essential for online marketing, not just to improve your SEO. It helps you to publicize your site (improve your site), to generate leads, establish more contact with new people, and build a strong brand on the internet.While building your own reputation in order to gain links throughout the process serves to naturally be better referenced by search engines, we can not overlook the power of Link Marketing.

The “Link Marketing” is a strategy that must be strongly considered because this practice will let you know more in your online space and will save you a lot more links in the future.

The tactics listed in this article are taken from the 4-newsletter series that I launched a few weeks ago. Here are the guidelines referred to in the series, mainly on the implementation of some of the most scalable tactical acquisitions links today. They can be used by agencies, SMEs and companies at the enterprise level.
# 1 Create your own image database and cinematography.

This can be a good investment for agencies and / or companies that target specific niches.
Create its basic donnéeCréer its database

While this tactic may require a budget (where you will need to invest in hiring a professional photographer or graphic artist), this tactic can dramatically improve your link acquisition campaign by awarding links by bloggers themselves who will use your high-end images.

Once you’ve set up your own private upscale image gallery, you can then prepare a list of bloggers that you can contact. There are lots of bloggers who need unique images to use them, and when you susciterez interest with your personal gallery, you will increase the conversion rate of your locations.

Another strategy that you can integrate across this type of link acquisition approach is the search for stolen images. In the event that bloggers are using your images without permission, you can use tools such as image search Google and TinEye to track blogs / sites that have used your images.

Other useful resources:

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# 2: content acquisition “outdated”

There is a lot of content on the web, and many are no longer maintained or are under-serviced. Yet this brings a lot in strengthening ties. Try to search from hundreds of obsolete content in your industry to collect from the SEO trying to acquire the

You can use the product search tool “obsolete” Greenlane to find the sub-maintained content you can always reuse or recreate. Contact the owner of the blog and see if you can buy the old page and redirect to your new version of the page hosted within your domain (with updated information on the subject).

Council Pro:

Always say you give credit to the author (mention of the brand) to improve the chances of acquiring the content.

By choosing documents obsolete web, you can revive the content:

Use tools like Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs to check the links pointing to the old content.
Assess whether it is possible to add more value and updated information on the topic covered by the content.

Another option that you can take, apart from the purchase of the content, is to contribute to the content of the update, this can also lead to obtaining a link from the same content.

Other useful resources:

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# 3: massive Interwiew

Make personalities interwiews in some areas is a technique very effective acquisitions of links, especially for sites that are starting up. Do large scale can lead to a high number of natural inbound website links, and it helps to develop your brand name.

I have seen many sites that have been successful using this tactic (as Mixergy, age 30 CEO and the impact of Max Max Minzer to name a few). Recently I saw myself giving me a natural link in the content of the first page of the weekly bulletin power through interwiew I had shower with media.

Imagine the number of links you can acquire naturally if you’re constantly share valuable insights from influential people in your industry and imagine the relationships you can build with influencers using this tactic.
# 4: Make Campaign “Guest blogging”

Invite bloggers (the “Guest blogging) was the best tactic for link building these past two years. But it seems that only a few have understood the importance of this tactic is to acquire content from other great authors.

There is much more to invite bloggers who really know about them to contribute to your site:

Get cleverly done content that can be sorted by keywords, and targeted at the same time.
Absorb supporters of the guest author, once they begin to share interesting content for the targeted people (most unique traffic and potential customers).
Content publishers will almost always refer to their previous work by putting links, and contributions on other sites (improvement of traffic, and increase the regularity of traffic to the site).

We need to find and join the bloggers who write exceptionally well in their respective fields (and which may cover subjects that are in the interest of your audience too). You can use tools like Followerwonk to identify the perpetrators in your niche that have a high social popularity.
campaign ” Guest blogging”campagne of “Guest blogging”

You can also do a simple Google search to determine whether they were active among bloggers.

Some advice on the implementation of this tactic:

Start with those who are active in their own campaign. Do a Google search to find active bloggers in your industry.
Make sure you have a true value proposition on the part of your prospects. Let them know what’s in it for them (eg mention that you lots of readers / subscribers / followers, promote their content, or offer to pay for the content).
Build relationships. It is easier to invite people to write for your site if you are already friends with them. Read their contents. Make sure you like it.

Other useful resources:

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# 5: Online advertising banners through content distribution

Build greater brand visibility is one of the key roles in the creation of links for online marketing. There are several ways to get there, but there is a tactic that seems to continue to be effective despite the constantly changing environment.

The method: Create content (targeting search terms) on sites that generate a lot of content to share in this area. The pages hosted on UGC sites (users generated content) like YouTube, Slideshare, Scribd and Pinterest (there are many more, in fact) obviously have greater research strength especially for keywords.
Targeting recherchesCibler terms of the search terms

The likely reason that these areas are more often on the SERP (result page of search engines) are the consequence of their traffic, areas of authority and interactions that these pages get.

The implementation of this strategy on a larger scale can help to generate constant traffic and give a brand impressions for your site (you can consider as solid / active links).
Beyond 10 blue 10 blue LinkBeyond Link

Steps for the implementation of this tactic:

Create content based on target keywords in your campaign. Reuse content in multiple formats (video, audio, infographics, cartoons or PDF).
Download them, wherever appropriate (content platforms like Youtube, Slidshare, etc …).
Promote its social through and create links to them (including content on your blog or link to them through your other marketing efforts off-site).

# 6: Shares Down Google+

As Cyrus Shepard mentions his recent position (controversial) about Moz, links to Google+ are important (the links on Google+ are followed). That is to say that the more you share links on social platform Google +, the more your links will get high (if you included a link to any page of your site in the Google+ post) .

For example, a few months ago, I made a weekly roundup of blogs that I read each week on Google+. My first was shared 40 times within the network, which means just 40 Google+ profiles bind to URLs I shared.

Google+ is a platform microblogging can offer a ton of marketability of a site or a brand.

Tips on how to get more sharing on Google+:

Start building a solid base of Follower (to improve the chances of getting your shared posts). You can start integrating Google+ with your content marketing efforts (need that people know that you are active on Google+).
This is a platform microblogging, then start blogging on Google+! Long messages (which are useful and valuable) have a higher potential for further sharing.
Add relevant links to external pages (your site) through Google+, so you can create links when people start to share your messages. Links to the work of others as well, to build relationships (and get them to share your message as well).

Share on Google+ Share on Google+

Other useful resources:

PlusBlogging: a Google+ content strategy.
How to build your authority and influence in Google+.

# 7: Publish the content on Tumblr and Facebook

Tumblr and Facebook are the two key places to find inspiration in the creation of content and are, most of the best channels time to be linked to the world. This technique turns in my head for weeks (we are already testing this process on one of our sites I manage the action).

Republication is a custom in the social space on the internet and it is an ethical, if you give attribution to the source of the content. Basically, this tactic is to find the most successful publications in terms of content posted to Facebook and Tumblr (based on “likes” and “shares”) that are specific to your niche, and republished on the your blog (or if you have a website, it can be interesting as well).

Since these content items have already proven themselves as they are interesting on social platforms, they will have better chances of getting natural links. For example, I saw a post on Facebook, and I immediately shared on a small wordpress blog.

The post has been republished in terms of shares, since there were 2.000 + retweets:
Publish content on the networks sociauxPublier content on social networks

And WordPress version of Facebook post also got 288 links (from 81 binding domains) knowing that many people were able to see the content:
Version wordpress wordpress backlinksVersion backlinks

How to find your niche in viral messages from Facebook and Tumblr:

You can use Google Search to find the successful publications on Facebook and Tumblr (using queries that I used below)
Find Posts virauxTrouver viral messages

Some tips on the reissue of viral messages on Facebook / Tumblr:

Always give the allocations to the original content creator.
Include your ideas in your own personal republished content.

# 8: the power of the domain name links

You have to know where its main competitors get their links, and the entities with which they have established links remains a very important technique in search marketing. In addition, you can also identify partnerships and the axes that are interesting to you.

Tools that you can use to extract the links received by the domain names of your major competitors:

Open explore the site
Majestic SEO

List the links received by the domain names of your competitors in a spreadsheet and segment troubled acquisition (To know what are the areas where it will be difficult to work with). Another thing that you also need to consider is to identify sites / areas that links your competition.

You can use ScreamingFrog to generate a list with which your competitors have established links. Once you have completed the evaluation and sorting of the list of domain names where your competitors have links, and the list of areas where your competitors have no links, you can then begin to list the coordinates each site that would be helpful.

You can use tools like the quote Labs (Contact Finder tool) and / or contact the search engines link to easily generate a list of emails. Above all remember that the data quantitée is not the most important, it is especially important to draw to his advantage this data. Make good use of these data:

Make profit from your “guest blogging”.
Take a interwiew of an influential person.
Tell what speaks the content of interest.
Collaborate with them in the creation of content (get their insights and include them on your blog).
Interact with them (through their existing social and community).

Other useful resources:

Guide to the analysis of compétitifif blacklink.

# 9: Improving content discovery through the promotion of targeted content

If you are already invested in the active development of content on your site, you can then improve infallibly your site’s ability to continuously draw your SEO.

Because the more the world who see your content, the more you increase the chances to multiply your results (more traffic, more social sharing, more links, higher rankings, more leads). There are several effective means to effectively promote your content on your site and below are some effective ways to bring increased traffic.

Raise awareness of the links

Start with those who are part of the subject, which have a history in the content of this field. The best way to find them is by exploiting similar content from your competition.

Tools you can use to find linkers in your industry:

Ahref or explore open website for finding blogs competitors that are related to your content.
Topsy, which to identify Twitter users who shared content from your competition.
Google search to find people who shared the contents of your competition on Facebook, Google+ and others.

Council Pro: You can also use the most assets related content from your competition using open website explore because it will reveal the links of your industry. It will be easier to meet them, seeing that they are really interested in the topic of your content.

Pro Tip: Do not ask them to share your content, because they are already linker and know what to do.

Make the paid social advertising

An easier way to be able to generate a lot of views on your content and advertising on the social links such as Facebook or StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. The best thing about these services is that you can specifically target users (those who are interested in your content).

Think Simon wrote a study showing how to make Facebook your first source of traffic.

Related discussions

This is probably the best way to promote and build links to your content assets. We must participate in existing discussions that are systematically related to your content. (discussions on forums, blog, facebook and other social community links. Use your content such references Lord of the discussions. This will make your content more appealing for people to click and will make about your links.

Make link through content distribution efforts

Make efforts in terms of marketing, I mean, you can do slide shows on Slideshare or YouTube to promote the benefits of your website.

Internal Links

I’ve always been a firm believer according to which the Internal links are the best assets in the link acquisition strategy because you have full control of them. Create more content that can support your active content. With this you build your authority on the pages of your site and you can create a fairly heavy traffic.

You can also use your pages that generate the most traffic to divulge the content there too low hearing.

Other tools resources:

How to Build promote your content and create a list of opportunities for links.
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Linker Outreach, a method for building social ties and drafting.
7 viral marketing strategies online.

# 10: Find specific questions and answer them

The people will never bother to ask a question, especially now that we can, in no time solve his problem through internet. We must find discussions related to your product and it is important to add more value to the discussion by contributing only to relevant information.

The best thing about the way the creative space evolves is to create marketing to build new signals that search engines can use. Using this tactic, you will not need to use hyperlinks to promote or reinforce its links to your site. Since search engines are referencing the indexed phrases, even a mention of the unbound brand will now be considered as votes which is as good as a link (based on co-occurrence of concepts and sentiment analysis ).
Specific Questions spécifiquesQuestions

With this approach (building the link with related links), you will decrease your chances of passing for a spammer in the forums. Remind yourself that you can make sure to give value to people (think marketing). Another advantage is that you build a brand awareness with this strategy, which may refer to a trademark search should you not allow links.
# 11: The re-link state

This method is the oldest in the field of creating links. Despite this and all environmental changes in this area, link restoration remains a fairly effective tactic.

We must win back links “split” your site, the links are redirected to other URLs or dissociated brand, which are quite applicable to brands / websites that are active in the online brand image and Offline marketing (advertisement, press, events …)

The best thing to be learned from this method is the high rate of conversion for the purchase link. The main reason is that you earn citations / references, which is much simpler to have the most optimized application (like your anchor texts).

These are common practices that you can make to your link building campaign to find the best opportunities:

Set up Google Alert for your brand name, to track blogs / sites mentioning your name.
Topsy use to find people mentioning your brand (or the web page of your site) on Twitter. It’s easier to ask links to them since they are already guarantor for you.
Make it a habit to look for mentions of your brand, author (s), product (s) or event (s) through research on Google blogs (task to be performed by way preferably monthly).
observe the sites that link to false pages and correct them.
Check the links in order not to submit links that point to links ‘broken’ (404) using Google webmaster tool. They are easier to recover thanks to the tool.

# 12: Static marketing

Consistency is a common factor that you can notice by observing successful brands on the web. And this is something that even small brands can adopt in this context especially in offline marketing activities.

Perfectly described by Ross Hudgens, static marketing acts as a force multiplier for future active marketing efforts through a series of branding initiatives (from the mention of the name of ,, and the cosmetically overall image brand) .L’interaction with others in your industry, especially with content publishers, played a key role in the field of link building.

And as most of us know, to really be able to meet the competition in the online marketing field these days, static marketing makes this easier approach that allows you to make it more recognizable in space Line your industry. When you recognize your target, you become linked.

Some tips on how to be outstanding in your target communities:

Use an easy to remember username.
Sticking with a unique selling point and a single identity (concentrate on a niche first before lying down).
Be consistent in the avatars you use in different social platforms and online communities where you participate.

How about blogging as a guest?

Many links creators abuse the tactic of Guest Blogging. The method is very effective and I invite you to contact me via my contact form. We could do an exchange of product (in the same course or a complementary theme theme).

Eskimoz, SEO agency in Paris, conducted a study on the acquisition of quality links, and paid particular attention to the quality of drafting of texts provided for netlinking.