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10 SEO Link Building Tips

By on Jul 20, 2016 in Uncategorized |

10 Link Building Tips to Boost Rankings Want to get your website noticed and have found some ways to the page to boost your SEO, but now it’s time to go a little further with the strengthening of links … If it is Link Building? The short answer is simply getting inbound links to your website. Simple right? Well, not so fast. There are many different factors that go into having a link building strategy successfully. So in a little more detail: What is link building? Well, try imagining such an election. Even if you are qualified (or optimized), you still need references to prove that you are a reliable candidate. Inbound links to your site are your references, but not all indications are the same. Some “endorsements” can carry a lot more weight for leading they are. Now … You put in all efforts to make an amazing site to take the next step with these simple link building tips to push your website to the top of the search engine list!   1. Strive relevant Anchor Text Link building tips In an ideal world, the anchor text for the link to your site would include keywords that are relevant to your site. Search engines use this text as a reference to the theme of the page you are referred to. If you have a bunch of keywords in the anchor text, it should boost your SEO. Anchor pictures Search engines can not understand images and users can, so that the images do not carry much weight when it comes to improving SEO. On the other hand, they can still bring in traffic if they are quite interesting and intriguing. 2. Questions Rank If link building is like an election, and links are like endorsements, it would be logical that some links are more useful than others. For example, approval by John Doe bear much less weight than the approval by Donald Trump. Start projection for established authority sites and return to you, and watch your ranking soar. What Goes in Page Rank Number of links leading to the site Page Rank these links Number of links on the original page 3. Make sure that Counts! Links to your...

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