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Cleaning Your Backlinks

By on Jul 20, 2016 in Link Building |

I recently told you about the backlinks to a site cleanup or risk suffering the wrath of Google. You may be asking the question to do for your site but are unsure how to proceed.

Here is a series of examples and some tricks to try to determine those you might want to avoid keeping. We use this approach in our manual penalty withdrawal benefits.
Why remove links? Is not that risky?

Inbound links (backlinks), we know, help to strengthen the positioning of your pages. So one might say, “If I get out, I’ll lose juices and effectiveness.” That’s true, but Google does not consider all the links in the same way, and this is not new.

The idea is to remove those that can harm you because:

They are located on poor-quality pages
They are placed on penalized websites
You have exaggerated the optimized anchors
They are not very well placed on the sites ‘partners’
You went too hard on the volume
The objective is twofold:

Guarding an algorithmic penalty (which still loves penguins in SEO?)
Avoid manual penalty, because when you start to point his nose on the front page on competitive queries, your linking is probably looked closer by Google (you make it competitive on sales of adwords).
To start, you need to list its links

The first thing to do is to make the most complete possible list of your incoming links. For this you can use several sources.

For example the Google Webmaster Tools tool. It has the disadvantage not to show you all your links, but great advantage of being free.
A tool Linkdetox type. If you do not use it regularly, it is possible to buy “one shot”, € 100 for two sites. Warning! This tool does not just provide a list, it provides guidance for each link, but these remain to be taken lightly though. I use and often see false positives or negatives that we can keep.
We can also turn to all the sites offering this type of service (fee) to the list of your links as Ahrefs or Majectic SEO, etc. These tools also offer other options.
Once the list is obtained, prepare yourself time before you, since the analysis is long, sometimes very long.

Come on, we pass to examples.

I can not list here all situations, but these examples should enable you then to ask the right questions to choose to keep, delete, or edit a link.

Example 1: The dangerous backlink par excellence.

Asked a link seen here on a site whose domain is:
He points to a site selling wine on an optimized anchor.

Here is one that does not feel good at first glance …
Here is one that does not feel good at first glance …

The estate dates from 2007. One might say “great”! Yes, but …

Frankly, no need to dig much, it already feels very bad. This site publishes CP of 36 different themes. With an area like this, it is typically an area that was bought for its Pagerank after its expiry (or recycled).
With such a name, it probably contained a site on the credit redemption. Was it a spammer site? We watch on, and on 17 July 2007, it stinks spam …
Reflex is an old area, it should have the pagerank, at least its home page. We’ll see, and no, not PR. It smells penalty, full nose.
Some looking at the content of articles. Ouch, the French often poor, it smells the text spinne in quite a few cases. The webmaster lets anything like publication, it does not really feel good.
We look at the backlinks of the website. The near-nothingness, it is only an SEO pushed its release with a forum profile link and 4 nofollow links.
We finish typing into Google the exact title of the article as an example. It appears only the sixth page of SERP despite its length and accuracy.
In short, this example probably cumulates every reason to remove at any price its link. In the best case, this link does nothing. At worst, it could heavily penalize the target page see the site.

Example 2: multiple links on a poor quality text

For this example, we’ll just focus on a few points. Because in this case, the content is placed on a website rotten but dig regardless of that fact. Imagine that a quality missing from Google likes to take a look only on this page.

It also feels spinne text.
It also feels spinne text.

The editorial is a pitch full of syntax error.
The three links on ultras optimized anchor point to the same site.
At no time did we talk about the web agency, but the editor would have made links course to here? Weird right?
Here we have a typical poor quality content is to ask optimized links. In case of control, it combines the pitfalls. Result: If the site itself is of good quality, we rewrite the text of the page and a real excuse given the fact to make a link to our site. We will keep a link, we will also make one or two more to other sites for herring.
In this case, the site is very poor, it deletes everything.

Example 3: The directory of the time far west

A classic, old style directory that on which one bourinnait like donkeys there are still a few years.

The old directory risky
The old directory risky

Anchors optimized on a book of this type, it has become a bit suicidal.
Virtually no descriptive content.
A mixture of themes that says something about the way he spoke, and a neighborhood far from ideal for its connections, I would avoid.
A link on a page like this, I prefer to remove it.

Example 4: The risky directory.

Another directory. It specifies from its homepage that it makes no moderation. Suffice to say that this is the first criterion for Google to take into the flu.

Super in 2006, but too risky today.
Super in 2006, but too risky today.

So despite the fact that it dates from 2006, he was grilled

his homepage has no PR
I pass over the adult section that arranges probably nothing.
The owner (Whois) nome “Plastic Bertrand” …
Personally, I do not keep this type of link. Those who will want to play reckless careful not especially optimized anchor to keep their bond.

Example 5: Too optimized links have become dangerous.

Another directory. It is pretty well this one! His homepage has a flow of 44 trust and flow quote 41 (Majestic SEO), it is rather monopolized. The page on which I have my links: trust flow = 36, 31 = flow citation. I’m happy, yes, but …

The somewhat heavy hand on the links at the time.
The somewhat heavy hand on the links at the time.

During the 2009 submission, I was a nag (but that was before). And c’mon I stick you 3 anchors optimized in the same form, no less. If tomorrow a quality falls miss it, it will probably not miss me, especially if I have done this sort of thing regularly to the same internal site pages.
Then the heavy heart, I désoptimise. If I am super clean, I turn all anchors even optimized on a directory, it’s probably the wisest. If I can not bring myself to, I keep one, but in any case, I do not let a single link because SEO work is all too evident on this page.
Example 6: hidden links

My favorite :-)

Little rascal :-)
Little rascal :-)

On a site that sells furniture in the footer, no link … Oh, but wait, a little Ctrl + A and behold links appear fun right? Anyway …

Here over 1,000 sitewide links (on every page of the site) in footer, and in addition stashed!
The link “electronic cigarette cheap” on a furniture sales site, it seems natural to you to you?
I’m not concerned, but imagine that you have to work for a competitor. Nothing is easier than to identify it if it is in front of you by sending a spam report to Google, especially that in general, the rest of the linking is to match.
If you have any links of this type, I urge you to remove them.

Example 7: the classic link footer

Still a nice footer. The transmitter site is in an interesting theme to the recipient the link, so you have to keep it. In this case, the link is not suroptimisé, that’s something. Despite this, it can be less risky.

As well enjoy it for a very good link
As well enjoy it for a very good link

In this context, I will try the deal by offering the best partner to showcase this link to make it more natural. Why not in sidebar with a little blurb that really justifies its presence.

Example 8: The old style partner page

Click to see all the page.
Click to see all the page.

Above a partners page as we see so much.

Stacking completely different thematic links.
Anchors optimized links. If you have a link on this page type, there must always be an anchor without keyword. In fact you should keep your grilling anchors cartridges optimized with this type of link. Keep them for backups that really send you the juice.
Well, in this case, one could even remove the link, you have nothing to lose.

And if I fail to remove the links?

On old PC or directories, sometimes no answer. I often see cases where there is no way of contacting site and whois is anonymous. On my side, my network often allows me to find the owners of these sites, but when nothing is possible, remains the solution of disavowal.

I know that opinions are sharply divided on the subject. Some are afraid that a disavowal Google attracts attention. In practice, I do not do that after making the maximum in hand, and often after sending links own ultras.

In this regard, Mr Guru a video that tells us what he thinks.

The idea is to be proactive rather than waiting for the penalty for fake links happens, he said that the tool is perfectly suited in this case. The only thing really a pain is that disowned links will continue to appear in all tools, even Google Webmasters Tools, then note them well.

In conclusion

The links of cleaning is a tedious job. But trust me, in doing so you will gain much compared to what you will need to remove if you are affected by a manual penalty. Then move in stealth mode for your new links. Do not play what you did in the past. Be smart!