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Good Backlinks vs bad backlinks

By on Jul 20, 2016 in Link Building |

Backlinks and … bad backlinks!
Backlinks are in the search engine optimization on the lips of everyone’s. But while not too long ago quantity rather than quality was the panacea to the triumph over the contest, the professionals whisper lately that of backlinks that are bad. But, the Nerd not whispering, but talks Tacheles: Great Search Engine Optimization services in Berlin and throughout Germany (and beyond) understand at least since the Penguin Invasion in the Google algorithms that too many and too fast assembled backlinks now more damage than good … and that some link deletion brings more than to seek new backlinks.

Backlinks are constantly dangerous
A backlink profile that is natural is a successful combination of link sources that are varied. This can websites and newsgroups its social networking messages, web directories and link lists, notes and text links in advertorials. Understanding of the meaning of backlinks led many Search Engine Optimization services to be to use all the only erfindlichen and to cut in days gone by, veritable diligence work across the ears link sources for falsifying the search engines own situation. Haggled and since traded with high PageRank, low-cost mass links from article directories as well as the strict distinction between do- no and follow -follow links to the maximum appropriate law.

The Penguin upgrade Google motivated this strategy a stop to and penalize link sources without quality standards rigorously from, with partially disastrous effects on former “Page1 sites”. However there are exceptions, this kind of exception is the nerd. The search engine optimization-nerd makes in his Search Engine Optimization bureau in Berlin for a fresh type of search engine optimization, which happens through the many upgrades of the machines verification of Google.
SEO2.0: Great-page optimization is the focal point, as the pages are made in his care for the visitors and not for bots. Which is precisely what the bots need: Great websites for visitors Filter, not manipulated creatures which were shoved with definitely plenty of perspiration (and numerous taler) in the SERPs.

Even the backlink profile you need to make clean
Penguin Update and Backlinks
Google’s and backlinks Penguin Update
An evaluation from the backlink profile is quick for seasoned Search Engine Optimization Bureau Notes to the cleaning possibility. So that the nerd catches happily times the cleaning material to eliminate the Google disavow tool frequently called “bad area” soil-links. The tool may be relatively simple to use by the web site operator received and tells the sordid links to Google: The are not too clean and to get out! All these canceled in compliance together with the general concern of the of backlink profile for SERPs and are subsequently reviewed by Google. Nevertheless, you should use this smart Google SEO tool with care, because an abnormal link profile is indicated by any devaluation.

If individual backlinks backlink profile, this may also e-mail the web site operator to clarify whether the whole deletion or alteration isn’t uncomplicated to a no-follow link. In explanations of own backlink profile, support for the handling of the mop in the backlinks of Nerd as well as a great backlink analysis is of course also like to help.

Backlinks in SEO2.0: The coming (virtually) by itself!
SEO2.0 how the nerd likes to call it, is complete with no old exploitation in the set of backlink. Instead of mass links from suspicious sources created with the great-page optimization attentively and variably designed quick loading times, Meta Tags and great lyrics first, take a look at the bots, which receive info from the web site as a content that is unique. High quality text with substantial information content in many cases are advocated by visitors that are experienced and shared in accordance with blog posts, social media stations and other sources of advice – and even right to the desired target group! The end result is the so called links that are organic, the ideal middle of a text are representative in a marketing standing.

And should still get requests to guest posts, the web site operator is making slow on the way, even to become a specialist on his subject area, which gaining ground ever since Google in Search Engine Optimization as “Authorship”.
But that is another story and ought to be told in a different Nerd how posts …