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If you’re not on Page #1, your competition is.

The Agency
Backed Links is the Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization division of The SEO Agency Backed Links. After years of developing high-end, award winning websites, this department was created when it became clear that our clients needed business and websites were just tools to get business. Our Search Engine Optimization techniques have helped us and our clients dominate the top positions in Google, Yahoo and MSN. The Ocean Agency’s expertise in building an online and offline marketing presence provides new and existing business ventures the tools required to be successful.


As a full-service agency, we work closely with clients to accelerate their growth and success. Agency offerings include traditional and buzz marketing, branding, business development, strategic partnerships, web design and SEO. We empower clients to create a growth-driven seo culture that generates, measures and implements effective backlink development strategies.  Clients include fashion brands, luxury automotive brands, online communities and casinos, among others.

Our Philosophy
It is our belief that our solutions are not business expenses, but rather investments in your company’s future. Our success is truly your success and it begins with a commitment to understanding your business, your industry and your clients.

Our Capabilities

  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Web Design
  • Messaging and Copy Creation

Professionals to Serve Client

Partner & Director of Online Marketing
Craig provides overall supervision for all online marketing projects. He has over eight year’s professional web development and online marketing experience. As co-founder and Partner of Backed Links, his achievements include over 500 successful website launches and multiple Page #1 rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant
has overall responsibility for evaluating, researching, and implementing onsite Search Engine Optimization components. He has over six years experience developing websites for optimal performance in search engines. He is responsible for multiple successful Google, Yahoo, and MSN Page #1 rankings.


Online Marketing Consultants
As Online Marketing Consultant, we have overall responsibility for developing blog content, articles, and offsite press releases. She double majored in English and Political Science at The University of Notre Dame and has over three year’s professional online marketing experience. Her professional experience includes blogging for companies such as American Online (AOL) and The Knight Foundation.


Online Marketing consultants
As Online Marketing Consultants, we will be responsible for developing performance reports, blog content, articles, and offsite press releases. She majored in English at Northwestern University and has over three year’s professional online marketing experience.


We also anticipate using other professionals, depending on the needs of the engagement, including local engagement staff that is familiar with Client’s structure and people.

Search Engine Optimization: $1,500.00

How your website is coded and structured directly affects how high you will be ranked in search engines. Our SEO team will review your existing website and ensure that it is properly optimized for search engines, adding any necessary components.


Research and Review
Our consultants will research and review all aspects of your business, your industry and your competitors.
Key-phrase Selection
Using our key-phrase selector tools, our consultants will recommend the (3) key-phrases we consider most valuable to your online marketing campaign.
Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO consultants will review and modify your entire source-code adding the key optimization components looked for by Google, Yahoo and MSN.



Online Marketing: $500.00 (per month for 6 months)

Popularity is everything. Google, Yahoo and MSN decide how high to rank your website by determining how popular it is against competing websites.


Online Marketing
To increase the popularity of your website in the eyes of Google, Yahoo and MSN, our Online Marketing Consultants will create:ü  (3) monthly News Articles, Press releases and Blogs

ü  (3) monthly Incoming Links (Backward Links)


Performance Reports
You will receive a monthly Performance Report detailing your online marketing campaign’s progress including your current search engine ranking, what key phrases you were found under, links to articles, press releases and blogs, and more.